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Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Sox, mmhmmm, yeah, very good

That's the response you'll get if you ask Jack who his favorite baseball team is. At the tender age of four, he can name at least seven "active" players. If you ask him who his favorite player is he'll say David Ortiz, aka, #34, "Big Poppy".

Back in 2004 when The Red Sox won the world series, Jack and I watched those games from our living room in New Haven while he sucked energetically on a Red Sox pacifier given to him by my parents. I saved it in his baby box.
Jack has been indoctrinated as a Red Sox fan by my folks, who by birth are Bostonians. I could honestly, to quote my mother, "give two flying figs" as to who wins the World Series, but for Jack's sake, I hope, now that he's a fan by choice, Jack gets to see a World Series that he can remember.

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