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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

7 foot Python found in Brooklyn toilet

Blech!!! Seriously, I have millions of things that I am afraid of, things that have kept me paralyzed in fear since childhood... things that still keep me from sleeping at night.....

When I was a child I always had the feeling that Skeletor , yes, from He-man, followed me from room to room and was always turning the corner or lagging just beyond my perception.. as a result I ran around corners in the basement and skipped up the stairs two at a time.

I also had a fear of things lurking under my bed, especially of those things touching my FEET. In particular, of someone stabbing me with a hypodermic needle in the foot, paralyzing me, and then killing me while I watched..... this probably has something to do with my foot phobia... that and my Navy Seal uncle who liked to put my entire foot, leather saddle shoes and all, into his mouth.

I also made sure I looked down before I peed everytime.... and DAMN I'm glad I'm still a little neurotic.

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