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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who even watches FOX News anymore??

And my jaw just kept dropping.... I mean, I don't own a TV, but if this was on in my living room I would have thrown something at it.


DTL said...

Wow. Really? I mean. REALLY? I feel like I just watched some awful Howard Stern-equivalent from some rancid parallel dumb-jock universe. Fox News seems to be getting rid of it's news like MTV got rid of music. Wait no, that would suggest that Fox actually had news to begin with. At least MTV had the long-form Thriller video, and The Buggles. Will once-revolutionary-now-barely-legitimate-human-being Flava Flav be the next to have his own Fox News show? (I know, I know. Flavor of Love is on VH1. At least they never claimed to have music, only videos, right?)

Going to go vomit now, then hang myself, then cut off my own head, then light myself on fire, then drink poison.

The Gurftastic Blog said...


So... just to clarify. Republican party platform:

Universal Healthcare: Con
Net Neutrality: Con
Minorities: Con
Sexy Nurses: HELL FUCKIN' YEAH!!!!!