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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let me smell your......

A month ago Jack, Matt and I grabbed a very quick bite at a Wendy's near Atlantic Center in Brooklyn. While quietly feasting on our fries, music played on the restaurant stereo system when I suddenly looked up and locked eyes with Matt, and had a mutual "did you just hear what I heard?" moment....

Yes, yes i did.... "Let me smell your dick" was playing oh so softly over the Wendy's speakers. Below rapper Riskay's video. Be sure to hang in there until 2:52 where girl throws i phone over apartment railing. My heart skipped a beat, I swear. Break shit, throw shit, burn shit, bleach shit, just don't mess with the tech gadgets.

1 comment:

Mafoo said...

My favorite part is how the "singer" is holding the mic nowhere near her mouth. I think she just might be lipsyncing!!