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Thursday, March 13, 2008


ZOE BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We knew this day was coming!!!!!! But seriously people, why the hell would you hire Zoe Bell, a living, breathing, stunt artist..... only to have her walk off a boat never to be heard from again.... Cameo, my ass!! I mean, come on!!!!!! I waited and waited... no Zoe. Where the fuck is Zoe?? Oh, she'll be back, I said out LOUD, she's gonna pull some crazy shit, just you wait. You know she can hold her breath for like, a year....

Why just jump off a boat?? My God, I could have done that. No swandive?? At least let her do a cannonball, come on!!!

Lame.... Lamer than Lame....Lame-o.

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