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Monday, December 10, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl, and is Melly a Girlie Girl???

I saw a movie with a girlfriend last night (one who has recently rejoined the throngs of women who trill Yay! Welcome back!).... we saw Lars and the Real Girl, and let me just tell you, I freakin' LOVED it...

Go see it, or at least rent it when it comes out, please? I promise, it's not really about a sex doll. Anyone who suffers from social anxiety issues, or who knows someone who struggles with social situations will enjoy it, like, umm, all of us? And in the bigger picture it's not just about Lars' struggle, his entire community's interactions and dealings, while they are personal, embody the reactions and personalities of basically everyone you know. Trust me, you'll be all like "OMG I totally do that! Ooooh, that is so my Dad! OMG this movie totally relates to me!!" and so on and so forth...It's witty, but not too quirky and heartsmarmy and Ryan Gossling's character is unbelievably well thought out and natural.

ps...... I will now admit to the world that three years ago I watched The Notebook at my parents house at like three in the morning on DVR and sobbed my eyes out..... and I'm sorry but Justin Timberlake would NOT have made a better replacement for Ryan Gossling...there, I feel better now...

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